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Therapeutic Treatments & Prices

I use only natural and organic ingredients for my facial and body treatments.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is an ancient treatment using the essence of flowers, leaves, fruit and other organic materials – in the form of Essential Oils.  Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years to help promote the body’s own healing ability, and to restore a feeling of well-being and good health.  They can be used in many ways, but the most popular form is in conjunction with a light massage-therapy. With an aromatherapy massage, a maximum of three oils are blended together with a carrier oil, or a combination of carrier oils.  The essential oils are chosen to complement your level of health, interacting with your emotional, physical and spiritual condition.
Duration: 1 hour £40 or 1 ½ hours £58

Ante-natal, Massage Tuition for Pregnancy and Labour

This course has been designed to give your partner or birth partner, the confidence to perform safe and effective massage throughout your pregnancy and during the early stages of labour.  Massage has been found to help many pregnancy ills, including heartburn, backache, constipation, cramp, morning sickness, insomnia and oedema, as well as easing the pain and discomfort of labour.
Duration: 2 hours –  one-to-one tuition. £65
(see my Training page for more details)

Baby Massage & Reflexology Tuition

It is vital that physical contact be introduced to your baby as soon as is humanly possible – for your child to connect and bond with its parent(s) – promoting both emotional and physical well-being.  There is no better way for a parent to connect with their child than through the gentle, nurturing benefits of both massage and reflexology. Many positive effects are gained by structured patterns of touch, such as inducing deep relaxation and sleep, and easing the discomfort of many infant complaints. One-to-one tuition and small groups are catered for, which are informal, fun and relaxed. A manual and oil is included in the course for the parent(s) and baby.
Duration:  3 x 45 minutes sessions  for one-to-one tuition £65 (see my Training page for more details) 

Hopi Ear Candling

This is a therapeutic and soothing treatment that has been practiced for thousands of years – allegedly originating with native North-American tribes.  A specially crafted ‘candle’ tube, made of beeswax, honey extract, herbs and essential oils, is lit and gently placed in the opening of your ear.  The soothing warmth and resulting vacuum inside the candle, generates an almost imperceptible (and completely painless) vibration, which helps soften impacted wax – which then in time naturally migrates from the ear over a short period of time. This therapy has also been used successfully for many problems related to the ears and sinuses, due to the massage-like effect on the eardrum.  During this process you lie on each side for approximately fifteen minutes, while each ear receives a treatment.  This is followed by a fifteen-minute face and head massage, to fully relax the associated areas and calm your mind.
Duration:  45 minutes £33

Hot Stone Massage

This luxurious full-body massage combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the penetrating warmth of smooth, volcanic stones. Pre-heated stones of differing sizes are placed on or under your body, whilst others are used for massaging the soft tissues of the skin and muscle.  This is a deeply relaxing and extremely popular therapy. Divine!
Duration:  1 hour £40

Indian Head Massage

For centuries, head massages performed in homes and barber shops throughout India used traditional movements to massage the hair, scalp and neck. While retaining the essence and structure of these traditional practices, they have now been absorbed and adapted to meet the therapeutic needs of the modern, western world, and now incorporate the shoulders and upper back. This deeply relaxing therapy helps to release tension in the neck and shoulders and head, relieve sinus congestion, and induce a feeling of complete well-being.
Duration:  30 minutes £30

Massage  (Holistic/Therapeutic)

Therapeutic massage can involve both gentle and deep-tissue strokes and manipulation, depending on the individual needs and tolerances of the client. This style of massage is ideal for either a part or full-body, relaxing treatment. It has the ability to relieve many of the symptoms associated with a stressful lifestyle – e.g: headaches, insomnia, fatigue, depression and minor muscular aches and pains. Therapeutic massage is suitable for all ages, and like most therapies, is subject to an initial, detailed medical history.
Duration: 1 hour £40 or 1 ½ hours £58

Massage  (Sports/Remedial)

This form of massage focuses on treating injuries or soft tissue problems by applying muscle energy techniques (PNF), soft tissue release, deep massage techniques and facilitated stretches.  These are specialised techniques designed to release muscle tension, increase lymphatic and vascular flow, improve poor mobility, and release holding patterns within the muscular system caused by pain or injury.  Sports massage is not a full body treatment, as the aim is to address and target specific problem areas.  More than one visit may be necessary, depending on the type and/or severity of the injury.

Duration:  1 hour £40 or 1 ½ hours £58

Pregnancy Massage

The nine months of gestation are a special and sacred time for the mother to be, and her unborn child.  A time to reflect on busy life-styles, and an opportunity to establish a new, healthy outlook – assessing diet, exercise, positive mental attitude and fundamentally a relaxing environment in which your baby can develop safely.  Massage during pregnancy can help alleviate many of the associated, symptoms and conditions, e.g: heartburn, constipation, aching legs, sciatica and fatigue – and is a highly recommended element in helping to ensure a focussed mind, and both physical and mental serenity
Duration: 1 hour £45


Reflexology is an ancient therapy originating in the Far East and Asia. It is a unique treatment for the whole body, both emotionally and physically – by applying pressure with the thumbs and fingers to specific areas of the feet. It is accepted in Reflexology, that our body’s structures and organs are mapped out in miniature on the feet and hands. By applying positive pressure to these reflex points, it is possible to help redress imbalances within the body. The aim of Reflexology is to alleviate energy blockages, which may be the cause of some adverse health conditions, thereby enhancing the body’s capability to heal itself from within.
Duration: 1 hour £40

Maternity Reflexology

This gentle form of Reflexology aims to optimise the health of, and support the pregnant woman, during pre-conception, pregnancy and labour.  Clinical and personal research indicates that frequent Reflexology treatments can help to shorten the duration of labour, and reduce the amount of pain-relieving drug’s sort throughout labour.  Research also indicates that babies who have received treatments in the womb sleep well and are more contented.
Duration: 45 minutes £40


Reiki is a simple and effective natural treatment – which encourages the body to absorb Earth’s vibrational energy for healing.  This natural, omnipotent Energy is channelled through the Reiki practitioner in a concentrated form, ensuring the receiver experiences a direct-source experience – helping to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the body holistically. This positive influence can produce mental clarity, allowing the mind to focus – providing deeper insight into personal issues.  Once the emotional and spiritual levels begin to balance, physiological equilibrium is restored, helping to promoting mental and physical well-being.
Duration: 1 hour £40

Traditional, Thai Foot Massage

This treatment originates from Thailand, and is still in common practice all over south-east Asia, being a primary component of Traditional Thai Medicine. With the combined elements of Thai Massage, Acupressure and Reflexology, the thumbs, hands and a traditional, wooden Thai Foot Stick are used – to apply pressure along Sen lines (energy pathways) and acupressure points of the legs and feet. The aim of this therapeutic treatment is to bring about a balance of energy within those Sen Lines, and help restore well-being.
Duration: 1 hour £40