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Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation In-Balance


Look out for dates in 2020!

This workshop will calm the mind, relax the body, and nurture your physical and  vibrational energy. This workshop is held in a bright and airy space overlooking the garden. It can be attended as a full-day or as half-day workshops.

For those attending the full-day or the morning session only, the relaxed meet and greet is at 9.45am, where you are invited to join me for a herbal or fruit tea and meet your fellow workshop attendees.

Our morning then begins with gentle mobility and intuitive, freestyle movement to music, to open the body and get our cellular energy moving. Keeping with the theme of cellular energy, we then take a look at our breathing and explore techniques which mindfully focus our attention on our breath and how it can nourish and calm the body.

We take refreshments around 11.30am and I then lead you into a progressive relaxation and then a guided visualisation, before we break for a healthy lunch.

The afternoon session begins at 2pm with quiet observation. This is guided, mindful walk; taking in the present moment – observing our surroundings and engaging our senses in an experience of sight, sound, smell and touch. Weather permitting, this will be a barefoot walk in the garden, to earth ourselves to nature.

The next stage of our afternoon is looking at Four mindful principles, which we can introduce into our daily lives. These will help keep us in balance  and living in harmony with ourselves and those around us. We then have a final refreshment break before a calming meditation session completes our journey.

The fee for the full-day workshop is to be confirmed – but will include a healthy lunch and all refreshments, including a healthy snack at scheduled breaks.

The fee for half-day (either the morning or afternoon) workshop is to be confirmed – Lunch not included.

Yoga mats, pillows and blankets are provided, so you need bring nothing with you other than your beautiful selves and a desire for enjoyment and fulfilment!

Discount opportunity!

There is a discounted ‘early-bird’ booking fee for the full-day and half-day workshops and will be advertised later.

Due to available space, the workshop can accommodate a maximum of six people.

Feed Your Mind, Body and Soul Workshop


This is a workshop of self-nurturing, love and kindness. Please contact me for available dates.

It can be all too easy to lose sight of who ‘You’ are in this crazy, frantic world, and find yourself overwhelmed by everyday life. There is often so much going on in our lives that we can quickly find ourselves becoming weighed down by the things that we cannot change on our own. The result can be physical and mental overload, exhaustion, weight-gain, depression and lack of compassion for ourselves and other.

This half-day workshop will help you re-focus, and put ‘You’ back on the road to self-discovery, self-nurturing, a love for yourself and the incredible gift of enjoying your life – every single day.

The workshop begins with a healthy, nurturing breakfast; eaten in a homely, tranquil setting – all intended to nourish body and soul. We then prepare for a seated, guided meditation/visualisation session, designed to relax and calm the mind and body.

A breathing technique helps to release stress, and calm the physical body  and leads us deeper into a relaxing progressive relaxation, and then deeper still with guided meditation – a beautiful state of sensory suspension.

We then gently awaken our senses again to the awareness of our physical surroundings, keeping the blissful feeling of calm and balance with us.

A short refreshment break takes us into a practical session of openness, reflection, appreciation and self-love. This discussion and reflection time enables you to assess the direction or changes you may want to take, or just to re-connect with ‘you’.

The workshop ends between 12pm and 12.30pm, with a final meditation and affirmation – confirming our self-love – which continues to take us on our journey of love and healing.

The fee will be confirmed later – but will include all food and refreshments throughout the morning. Due to space and for timing purposes the workshop can accommodate a maximum of six people per course.


Hypnotherapy (Suggestion Therapy)

Hypnotherapy can help you to lead a happier, healthier and more contented life, and can greatly assist you in achieving your maximum potential. Misconceptions surrounding Hypnotherapy can prevent many people from exploring the wealth of benefits that can be gained from this wonderful therapy – so allow me to dispel some of them!

Hypnosis itself, is merely an altered state of awareness – a deep and beautiful state of relaxation – which allows your subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions that will help you to address issues, achieve your goals and maximise your potential. The heightened state of awareness and concentration that you enter into during your Hypnotherapy session – a deeply meditative state – allows you to still be fully aware of your surroundings and my presence at all times. You are completely in control.

Your subconscious mind holds many memories and beliefs, and would not allow you to do anything – or submit to anything – that is harmful or prejudicious to you or to anything else  that would be against your wishes or moral judgement.

My role as your Hypnotherapist is, purely and simply, to facilitate positive and constructive suggestions and negate any harmful, negative thought patterns and beliefs that repeatedly sabotage or limit your ambitions or goals.

Hypnotherapy can help treat a number of conditions and issues that may be affecting your life – including:

  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Exam nerves
  • Fear of flying
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Lack of confidence
  • Nail biting
  • Obsessions
  • Panic attacks
  • Public speaking
  • Shyness
  • Smoking
  • Social anxiety
  • Weight loss

And much more…

Are there any guarantees? 

Although Hypnotherapy (suggestion therapy) is a proven, effective treatment, there can be no guarantee that it will be effective for everyone. Some people are naturally more receptive and intuitive towards certain treatments than others, and it is only by exploring that in-built response that anyone will ultimately realise their suitability (or not) to its benefits. In tandem with that caveat is the individual person’s commitment. With this form of cognitive therapy, it is imperative that the client is committed to making the necessary changes in their life and lifestyle during the course of treatments – to support and help the process – thereby allowing it to work to its full potential.

Although I always take great care in assessing a person’s suitability to Hypnotherapy during the free initial consultation, and would never take on a client who I believe would not benefit, I am only able to make my judgment and evaluate their suitability from the conversation and background information received at the time.

However, it always remains the client’s choice to make the decision and take part in the course of treatments, and explore its benefits.

As a consequence, I am unable to refund payments made for any Hypnotherapy services provided, once the course has started.

Beyond each Hypnotherapy session your focus is on maintaining your goals, and ability  to achieve them with ease and satisfaction. Your subconscious mind is a powerful, effective tool, which you have the ability to harness and to utilise to its maximum potential.

Fees: £75

The initial, half hour consultation is free of charge, but if your consultation should extend the free half hour session, a fee of £15 is charged per fifteen minutes. This consultation time allows me to get to know you, your background and your requirements and enables me to write a bespoke script specifically for you.

Payment Conditions
Due to the amount of work required prior to each session, preparing bespoke, tailored, ‘scripts’, etc. for each client, payment in advance for the first session is required at the consultation stage. Payments for subsequent sessions of the course will be required at completion of each session. This ensures the pre-session compilation and input is not wasted, and gives the client control over how many treatments he/she may wish to attend.

Enquiries & Bookings

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Male Clients

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